Vilkhov Law criminal lawyers have been successfully defending clients charged with criminal offences in Newmarket for many years. We have a high success rate for having charges reduced or dismissed through applying effective defence strategies and aiming to achieve the most desirable outcome in each case.

Our criminal lawyers in Newmarket are representing clients charged with all types of offences starting from impaired driving and simple assault and ending with the most complex cases, including financial crimes, child pornography and drug offences. We always succeed in limiting our client’s exposure to the court system, appearing in court on their behalf, and ensure that our clients’ interests are represented to the best of our ability.

Impaired Driving Offences

Impaired driving offences have been the most common type of offence in Canada for many years. Our criminal lawyers in Newmarket have been assisting clients charged will all types of impaired driving offences, including failing or refusing a breathalyzer, dangerous or careless driving, racing or flight from police, dangerous driving causing bodily harm or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

At Vilkhov Law, we are well aware of the impact a charge of impaired driving can make on someone’s life, including having a criminal record, higher insurance premiums, monetary penalty and imprisonment in the most serious cases. Our Newmarket criminal lawyers have aggressively pursued clients’ interests, reducing the charges or having them dismissed by the court.


Assault charges always cause serious repercussions. Anyone who has used physical contact or force with another person without their consent can be charged with assault. Still, in any circumstances, anyone facing assault charges has the right to a criminal defence.

Our criminal lawyers in Newmarket have represented clients in all types of assault cases, including simple assault, assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon and aggravated assault. Whether our clients were acting in self-defence or have a different version of events, Vilkhov Law will ensure that they will receive fair treatment through the trial and aim for the most favourable outcome.

Sexual Assault

In Canada, sexual assault is broadly defined and includes not only rape but any other unwanted sexual activity such as unwanted sexual touching, grabbing or kissing. Meanwhile, many allegations of sexual assault can be false and aimed at ruining someone’s reputation.

Vilkhov Law sexual assault lawyers in Newmarket are knowledgeable in how to defend clients from sexual assault allegations, cross-examining the evidence against our clients with utmost scrutiny. Given the stigma created by allegations of sexual assault, It’s essential to involve an experienced lawyer from the early stages to ensure strong defence.

Fraud Charges

Fraud charges, which are sometimes referred to as “white-collar crime,” are fraught with serious penalties, including restitution, fines, and imprisonment up to 14 years. In the Criminal Code of Canada, fraud is defined as an offence when someone defrauds anyone of any property, money, or any other asset by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means.

Given the nature of the crime, mounting successful defence in fraud cases often takes going through hundreds of pages of financial reports and other documentation. Vilkhov fraud lawyers in Newmarkett have the necessary financial and technical background and proven track record in defending our clients’ interests in the most complicated cases involving fraud allegations.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is transforming the proceeds of a crime into apparently legitimate assets. This type of financial crime has been particularly common in Canada for many years and is now viewed with increased scrutiny by law enforcement agencies and the court system.

Whether our clients are still under investigation or already accused of money laundering, Vilkhov Law has been able to offer necessary advice on the best course of action, develop a sound plan on how to respond to the investigation and minimize the consequences. Vilkhov Law criminal lawyers in Newmarket have been successfully representing clients facing money laundering charges, achieving favourable outcomes.

Firearm Possession

All weapon offenсes are taken very seriously in the Canadian Criminal Code with mandatory minimum sentences. For this reason, anyone who faces criminal charges involving firearm possession should seek early legal advice.

Vilkhov Law criminal lawyers in Newmarket have represented clients in various cases involving firearms, including possession of a prohibited or restricted weapon. Even though the penalties for weapon offences are quite stiff, proper legal representation allows reducing the charges or dismissing them in court.

Child Pornography

Offenсes involving child pornography are one of the most stigmatizing and may lead to devastating consequences for one’s reputation. Needless to say that those who are presented with the charges of child pornography are facing the most severe penalties and need representation by the best criminal lawyers to mitigate the consequences.

Vilkhov criminal lawyers in Newmarket are well-aware of the legal and technical side of building evidence against false allegations, including digital and web technologies. Consulting a child pornography lawyer early in the process can make all the difference in developing a viable defence strategy.

Drug Offences

Drug offences, including possession, production and trafficking, have always been considered one of the most serious offences with the highest penalties. The recent changes to drug possession laws have added more severe minimal penalties while drug trafficking can result in a maximum sentence.

Our Newmarket drug lawyers cover all types of drug charges, offering various strategies to defend against drug allegations. Vilkhov Law drug lawyers meticulously question the evidence against our clients, challenge illegal searches and seizures, and use other tactics to ensure the most lenient sentence or dismissal of charges.

Why Choose Vilkhov Law Professional Corporation?

Vilkhov Law criminal lawyers in Newmarket have been known for empathy, being able to listen to our clients, and taking them as priority. No criminal case is the same, which is why we work on the entire criminal file from the start, never delegating it to someone else to be fully familiar with all the facts for developing an optimal defence strategy.

Whatever is the nature of the criminal charges and the stage of the process, Vilkhov Law can help minimize consequences and exposure to the court system. It is always a good idea to retain a lawyer as early as possible, and Vilkhov criminal lawyers are always ready to step in and offer the best legal representation.