Vilkhov Law are dedicated criminal lawyers in Brampton representing clients in all criminal law matters in Brampton (A. Grenville & William Davis) Courthouse and the Superior Court of Justice. We defend clients charged with criminal offences in the Peel region, including Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga.
We provide criminal defence services to those charged for assault, drug offences, fraud and money laundering, DUI, firearm possession and all other crimes, including the most extreme cases such as child pornography. Our best criminal lawyers in Brampton work tirelessly for our clients to minimize a disruption a criminal charge may have on their lives and achieve the best possible outcome.


There are various assault charges, but all of them include a common element of using force against someone without their consent. These include simple assault with minor injuries, assault with a weapon, or aggravated assault aiming to wound someone or endanger their lives. Some types of assault, such as domestic assault, come with additional challenges and require special defence strategies.
Those facing assault charges need the best criminal lawyer in Brampton to ensure the most effective defence and fair treatment through trial. Vilkhov Law has extensive experience of representing clients accused of assault across the Peel region and was always able to minimize the impact of criminal prosecution while securing the most favourable decision by the court under the circumstances.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a very serious offence, and just an allegation in this crime alone can have devastating consequences. Sex offenders are entered into a special database and are subject to strict monitoring. Meanwhile, in many cases, charges in sex assault can be false and intended to ruin someone’s life or reputation.
Vilkhov Law’s sexual assault lawyer in Brampton will help keep confidence in trying times of being under sex assault charges. We help those accused of sexual assault understand their rights navigate the criminal justice system, access the existing evidence against them and gather evidence to support their version of the event, mounting a successful defence.

Drug Offences

Vilkhov Law handles all types of drug-related criminal charges such as drug possession and drug production, drug import and export as well as drug trafficking. The drug offence charges can result in the most severe penalties amounting to life imprisonment, so having the best drug lawyer in Brampton by your side is of utmost importance.
Vilkhov drug lawyers have extensive experience in defending clients charged with all types of drug offences. We aggressively challenge illegal searches and seizures and apply the most effective defence strategies to argue cases involving drug allegations to dismiss the charges or minimize the penalty.

Fraud Charges

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, someone commits fraud when they defraud any person of any property or assets by deceit, falsehood or some fraudulent means. One of the essential elements of this offence is the presence of the accused’s intent to defraud.
At Vilkhov Law, we know that fraud charges can be particularly devastating to reputation and business. Meanwhile, as with most financial crimes, the defence can be complicated. Those facing fraud charges should seek Brampton fraud lawyer’s advice as early as possible to prevent defamation of character and reduce penalties as much as possible.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is another type of financial crime which is using the proceeds of crime in a transaction to disguise the nature of the involved assets. This problem has been known in Canada for a long time, and the government has toughened the laws to withstand this type of offence. Meanwhile, as financial operations are viewed with more scrutiny, the chances to face money laundering charges are getting higher.
Our criminal lawyers in Brampton are well aware of all the aspects of the money laundering prosecution. Vilkhov Law can offer invaluable help by limiting your exposure to the court system while raising chances of achieving a positive outcome.

Child Pornography

There is hardly any other type of criminal charges that create so much stigma as child pornography. These include production, distribution, possession or accessing child pornography. Sometimes, a mere presence of child pornography in browser cookies can create a basis for bringing criminal charges.
Vilkhov Law is well versed in technology and can help analyze technical data to build a successful defence. Our criminal lawyers in Brampton help clients charged with offences involving child pornography to take the best strategic decisions in the criminal process, elect the mode of trial, and minimize the potential consequences.

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving has been the most common criminal offence in Canada for many years. Known by many names, including driving under influence (DUI), driving while impaired (DWI), or driving over 80, it means operating a vehicle while having over 80 mg of alcohol per 100 millimetres of blood. Impaired driving also includes cases of driving under the influence of drugs, including cannabis.
Our Brampton drug lawyers help clients get a reduced impaired driving sentence or persuade the court to dismiss the charges altogether. We have the necessary experience to investigate the officer’s reasons to administer the test, check the accuracy of testing equipment and build a successful defence to beat a DUI charge.

Firearm Possession

Firearm possession can be a ground for bringing criminal charges if such possession is unauthorized or in case of possessing it for a dangerous purpose. According to the Canadian Criminal Code, possessing a firearm without a license and/or registration certificate constitutes a criminal offence. Meanwhile, possessing or carrying a weapon or its imitation for the purpose of “disrupting the normal state of society” is considered as a possession for a dangerous purpose.

The early involvement of Vilkhov Law’s criminal lawyer in Brampton can be a decisive factor in winning the case. We can help check the validity of the evidence, investigate if the police have acted lawfully when searching for a weapon, and use other strategies to minimize the penalty or even avoid it altogether.

Why Choose Vilkhov Law?

Vilkhov Law experienced criminal lawyers in Brampton have successfully represented clients in most complicated and serious criminal cases involving assault, financial crimes, drug-related crimes and offences involving minors. We have also helped hundreds of clients charged with the most common types of offences, including assault, domestic assault, DUI, and others.

Following the “Client comes first” philosophy, we focus on providing clients with excellent service. Vilkhov Law criminal lawyer in Brampton handles each case personally from the very beginning, becoming intimately familiar with all the details and aggressively questioning the legitimacy of the evidence against our clients. We strive to resolve each case with minimal impact on our clients and apply the most effective defence strategies to minimize or avoid criminal penalties.