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At Vilkhov Law, our lawyers offer a full range of criminal defence services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, including Brampton. Our criminal lawyers represent clients in the A. Grenville and William Davis Courthouse in Brampton at all stages of their criminal cases, from bail through trial.

As a client-centred legal defence team, we treat each of our clients with the personal attention they deserve. We practice criminal law exclusively, and offer competent and personalized legal representation to maximize the chances of securing a positive outcome in your case.

Igor Vilkhov - criminal lawyer in Brampton

Seasoned Criminal Defence Lawyer Serving Brampton

As a principal lawyer and the founder of Vilkhov Law Corporation, Igor Vilkhov handles each case personally from beginning to end. When defending criminal cases in Brampton, Igor personally appears at every hearing at the Brampton courthouse, answers clients’ calls, and provides consultations.

As a passionate advocate of the presumption of innocence, Igor is committed to offering effective and personalized defence strategies.

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Areas of Practice

Vilkhov Law criminal defence lawyers in Brampton provide services in all areas of criminal law, from summary regulatory matters to even the most serious charges.

Brampton Courthouse

Brampton is the third largest city in the Greater Toronto Area by population, with 656,000 residents according to the 2021 census. Having a total area of 102 sq. mi., Brampton belongs to the regional municipality of Peel and is bordered by Caledon, Mississauga, Vaughan, and Halton Hills.

Brampton Courthouse is located at 7755 Hurontario Street. Named after Peel lawyers, the A. Grenville and William Davis Courthouse in Brampton was opened in 2000, and amalgamated several smaller courthouses from the Peel region. This addition included several courtrooms, jury rooms, judge chambers, and detention cells, as well as the Peel Law Association Library.

Vilkhov Law’s criminal defence lawyers serve clients from our central law office located in downtown Toronto at Richmond Street West Suite 1100. You can schedule an appointment with our criminal defence lawyers in Brampton at our Toronto office or at the Brampton courthouse, depending on your situation.

Why Choose Vilkhov Law Professional Corporation?

Picking the right criminal lawyer for your case can be your most important decision when it comes to ensuring the best possible outcome for your circumstances. At Vilkhov Law, we are committed to advocating for your best interests with personal attention and dedication to your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a criminal lawyer in Brampton?2023-08-02T12:18:27+00:00

You can expect hourly or flat legal fees, which can be set as a base charge for each case, with additional charges added as necessary. Hourly legal fees depend on your lawyer’s skills and experience, and can range from $100 to $350 per hour, similar to the fee schedule published by the Law Society of Ontario.

Accordingly, the costs of hiring a criminal lawyer in Brampton can range from $1,500 up to $10,000 or more if your case is tried by a jury or goes to a superior court. During your free consultation, the lawyer will inform you of their payment structure to make sure you fully understand all aspects of their legal fees and payment options.

What should I expect from a free lawyer consultation?2023-08-02T12:12:14+00:00

Your free lawyer consultation is a great opportunity to ask questions about your criminal matter and find out if the lawyer is a good fit for your case. During your initial consultation, you can outline your criminal case, ask about your options, and learn more about your lawyer’s approach.

Your free lawyer consultation will be most productive if you prepare all your questions in advance to make the best use of your time available. As a part of your consultation, your criminal lawyer in Brampton will clarify the processes involved, explain the criminal law applicable to your case, outline possible scenarios, and inform you of your legal fees.

What should I consider when choosing a criminal lawyer?2023-08-02T12:11:33+00:00

Hiring a lawyer is a critical step in ensuring an effective defence for your criminal matter. It is essential to have a lawyer who has experience defending cases similar to your charges and who is dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes to their clients.

When choosing a criminal lawyer in Brampton, you can start by researching lawyer practice areas and their testimonials to learn about their experience in cases like yours. You can find more information about your chosen lawyer by scheduling a free initial consultation to ask questions and learn about their approach.

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