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At Vilkhov Law, we have extensive experience in representing our clients in Toronto and the Greater Toronto area, including Etobicoke. Our criminal lawyers in Etobicoke are known for their excellent communication, as well as their ability to provide unique and personalized representation.

We defend clients facing all types of criminal charges, including DUIs, simple assault and sexual assault, fraud and other financial crimes, drug and weapon charges, and more. We provide personalized legal representation across all courthouses, including the Ontario Court of Justice in Etobicoke, and are dedicated to achieving the most favourable possible outcomes for your case.

Igor Vilkhov - criminal lawyer in Etobicoke

Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer Serving Etobicoke

Igor Vilkhov provides a full range of criminal defence services across all districts in Toronto, including Etobicoke. As a criminal lawyer serving Etobicoke and the surrounding areas, Igor Vilkhov personally appears at every court hearing and handles each stage of your trial from beginning to end.

At Vilkhov Law, we believe that a personal approach makes all the difference in building a strong defence. As a founder of Vilkhov Law, Igor is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent service, and handles each case with integrity, transparency, and competence.

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Our Practice Areas

Vilkhov Law’s practice areas include all aspects of criminal law at all stages of the criminal process, from investigation and bail hearing to trial.

Investigation and the Bail/Release Process in Etobicoke

Etobicoke is served by the 22nd and 23rd Divisions of Toronto Police Services – therefore, when arrested in Etobicoke, police must inform you of your rights to counsel, which allow you to retain the services of a lawyer after your arrest. It is always recommended to obtain legal advice before speaking to the police.

Depending on the nature of your offence, the police with either release you after arrest with a promise to appear in court at a specified date, or hold you in custody for a bail hearing. If the offence occurred in Etobicoke, you will have to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in Etobicoke, which has jurisdiction over the area.
If you remain in custody for your bail hearing, the police will bring you to an Etobicoke courthouse in front of the judge within 24 hours after your arrest. While you are in custody, your criminal defence lawyer will advise you on the best course of action, and will start working on your release.

When you are brought to court for your bail hearing, your criminal defence lawyer will speak to the Crown on your behalf and suggest a bail plan. The Crown may then consent to release based on your plan, or contest your bail. If the Crown seeks detention, your criminal lawyer will advocate for your bail and explain to the court why less strict bail conditions are appropriate.

Etobicoke Courthouse

Etobicoke is an administrative district of Toronto located at the western end of the city. Bordered by Mississauga, Vaughan, Lake Ontario, and Humber River, Etobicoke occupies a total area of 47.85 square miles. With a population of 365,143 residents according to 2016 census data, Etobicoke is significantly less populated than other districts and boroughs of Toronto.

The Etobicoke courthouse is a modern facility with a specialized courtroom for complex trials, including homicides and organized crime.

If you are facing criminal charges in the Ontario Court of Justice in Etobicoke, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a criminal defence lawyer from Vilkhov Law. With our office centrally located at 121 Richmond Street, we can schedule your legal appointment either at our downtown Toronto location or at the Etobicoke courthouse, depending on your circumstances.

Why Choose Vilkhov Law Professional Corporation?

When someone goes through the challenging times of facing a criminal conviction, they will need professional help from compassionate and competent legal counsel.

At Vilkhov Law, we are here to help clients contest their criminal charges with dedication and integrity, focusing on achieving the most favourable outcomes possible through unique and personalized representation.

How much does it cost to hire a criminal lawyer in Etobicoke?2023-07-18T18:00:17+00:00

The cost of hiring a criminal lawyer in Etobicoke can be anywhere between $1,500 to $10,000, depending on your criminal matter. If your case goes to trial before a jury or a superior court, the costs can be twice as much, or more.

You can expect either hourly legal fees or flat legal fees, which set a base charge for each case with additional blocks added as necessary. Hourly fees can range from $100 to $350 per hour depending on your lawyer’s skills and years of experience, similar to the fee schedule published by the Law Society of Ontario.

During your initial consultation with your lawyer, you can discuss the costs of your defence and approve a payment schedule that works for your circumstances.

What should I expect from a free lawyer consultation?2023-07-18T17:59:33+00:00

A free lawyer consultation is the best way to find out if your lawyer is a good fit for your situation. You can ask questions about your lawyer’s experience with similar cases, your options, and their approach.

It is always recommended to have your list of questions with you and all related paperwork ready in order to make your initial interview as productive as possible. During your free consultation, your criminal defence lawyer will learn about your background and expectations, check the documents in your possession, and review the available evidence.

As a part of your initial consultation, your legal professional will further explain the criminal law applicable to your case, clarify the processes involved, outline possible outcomes, and inform you of legal fees.

What should I consider when choosing a criminal lawyer?2023-07-18T17:58:40+00:00

Choosing a lawyer is critical for increasing your chances of obtaining a favourable outcome in your criminal case. You will need a qualified and experienced lawyer who is responsive and compassionate, and who demonstrates dedication.

When choosing a criminal lawyer, you will benefit from sourcing a legal professional who has a successful track record of defending similar charges. For these purposes, you can search for your lawyer’s practice areas and testimonials on their website, or within online directories by searching their name on Google. After your initial search, you can find more information by scheduling a free consultation and assessing your level of comfort with your lawyer and their approach.