At Vilkhov Law, we have been providing defence in criminal cases involving all types of assault, impaired driving offences, sexual offences, financial crimes, drug and firearm offences. Our criminal lawyers in Scarborough are well versed in all aspects of indictable, summary and hybrid proceedings and represented clients in all courts of Ontario, including the Ontario Court of Justice in Scarborough.

Our criminal lawyers are well-known for excellent communication with clients and personal approach to each case. Vilkhov Law has an excellent rate of reduced and dismissed charges achieved through preparation and applying effective defence strategies.

Impaired Driving Offences

Impaired driving offences, including driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, can lead to disastrous consequences in anyone’s life, including losing a driver’s license, exorbitant insurance rates and, most importantly, getting a criminal record. Meanwhile, the prosecution needs to follow a strict and complex procedure to prove the charges, which makes pleading guilty to DUI not the only available option.

Vilkhov criminal lawyers in Scarborough have been successfully defending clients in cases involving impaired driving. We meticulously check if the police and the Crown have adhered to the rules when bringing charges against our clients while mounting a strong defence to a DUI charge.


In Canada’s Criminal Code, an assault has a broad definition encompassing cases when someone applies intentional force to another person without the latter’s consent. Meanwhile, it should be remembered that the presence of physical harm is not an obligatory element; charges of assault can be brought just on the ground of uttering threats or attempting to apply force.

Assault comes in many forms, including domestic violence responsible for one-fifth of violent offences in Canada and other types of assault declared as “zero-tolerance crimes.” Given the severe consequences of any assault charge, it is always a good idea to involve a qualified criminal lawyer as early as possible to ensure a strong defence. Vilkhov criminal lawyers in Scarborough have successfully argued against unwarranted assault charges against our clients and, in many cases, succeeded in dismissing them.

Financial Crimes

Canada has long been known as a safe haven for “white collar crimes” involving fraud and money laundering. As the government is taking stricter measures, charges in financial crimes often result in harsh penalties, which calls for the early involvement of experienced fraud lawyers.

Fraud offences where the offender causes someone to suffer financial loss or part with property by deceit have been particularly difficult to defend. Meanwhile, fraud often involves money laundering to conceal the illegal proceeds and transform them into legitimate assets. Both fraud and money laundering allegations have particularly devastating consequences to the reputation and require immediate action to minimize the harm and create a strong defence.

Vilkhov fraud lawyers in Scarborough have extensive experience in defending clients facing charges of financial crimes. In many cases, a successful defence starts even before the charges are raised while the client is still under investigation. Our fraud lawyers are well-versed in financial reports and are scrupulously perusing thousands of pages of our clients’ financial documentation to construct a solid defence.

Sexual Offences

Sex offences, including sexual assault and child pornography, are classified by the government as “zero-tolerance” crimes and are the most stigmatizing type of criminal offence. Those convicted of a sex crime will be registered as sex offenders required to provide a sample of DNA to the National DNA Databank and subjected to strict limitations regarding the place of residence, travel and employment. Those facing allegations of sex offences should take them very seriously and retain the best criminal lawyer in Scarborough from the very early stage.

Sexual assault is defined broadly and can include any unwanted sexual activity such as a simple touch or anything else, which bears sexual nature. Meanwhile, sexual assault cases are credibility cases because usually there are no witnesses. All of this requires thorough preparation, and Vilkhov sex assault criminal lawyers in Scarborough are well-known for their meticulous approach to examining the evidence against our clients, reviewing disclosures and learning the specifics of each incident to build a successful defence.

Child pornography is another sex offence where our sex offence lawyers in Scarborough apply their legal expertise and technical knowledge to provide for a fair trial. Our criminal lawyers had successfully challenged charges against our clients, including cases involving file-sharing software when the clients had no intention to share, distribute or profit from the illegal materials and other similar cases.

Firearm Possession

Weapon and firearm violations always have severe repercussions for employment, travel, immigration and other aspects, as well as stiff penalties with jail sentences. Meanwhile, the police seizing a firearm has to follow appropriate procedures to ensure the admissibility of evidence in court.

Vilkhov criminal lawyers in Scarborough are applying effective defence strategies, checking the observance of procedure by the police officers, such as using informants and search warrants as well as other steps. Where the clients’ rights under the Charter were violated, our criminal lawyers can argue the admissibility of the evidence, reduce the charges or dismiss them.

Drug Offences

Charges for drug offences are classified according to the type of drugs, their amount and weight, and include drug possession, production and trafficking. Given the severe consequences of drug-related crimes, those charged for possessing, producing, or trafficking controlled substances should consult an experienced drug lawyer as early as possible.

In many aspects, drug offences are very technical and similar to firearm cases. The Crown has to prove that the substance is the alleged controlled substance and to serve a certificate of analysis upon the accused before the trial. Vilkhov drug lawyers in Scarborough have successfully defended clients charged with drug offences or drug trafficking offences by challenging the admissibility of evidence and observance of the procedure.

Why Choose Vilkhov Law Professional Corporation?

Our experienced criminal lawyers at Vilkhov Law have a proven track record of successfully defending clients. We have provided legal assistance in cases involving assault and domestic violence, fraud and money laundering, sexual assault and child pornography, and drug and firearm-related crimes.

Our criminal lawyers in Scarborough are acting by the principle that “the client always comes first.” Vilkhov Law adopts a client-focused approach, taking our clients as a priority, working hard to achieve the desired results in each case.