Criminal lawyer in Scarborough

Igor Vilkhov is the principal lawyer and founder of Vilkhov Law Professional Corporation. Our firm is an independent law practice that specializes in the full range of criminal law legal services. Since then, he graduated from the University of Windsor Law School where he specialized in criminal law. During law school, Igor had the opportunity to represent clients charged with a wide assortment of criminal charges, frequently obtaining favourable results. After gaining experience and building a strong reputation as a passionate advocate at a leading criminal defence firm in Toronto, Igor decided to pursue his goal to establish a respected legal practice in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our firm strongly believes in the importance of holding the state accountable to the constitutional principles underlying Canada’s criminal justice system. The presumption of innocence, proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and civil liberty are all principles that must be diligently protected to preserve the integrity of the criminal justice system. Our approach to the practice of law is focused on providing clients with excellent service. This means that Igor handles your case exclusively from beginning to end, he will personally appear at every scheduled court appearance and answer your calls as needed.

It is normal to feel scared or anxious after you are charged with a criminal offence. Our firm appreciates that being accused of a crime carries stigma that can seem personally and professionally debilitating, particularly when the allegations against you are false. Regardless of whether you are innocent or not, the most important facet of the process is to test the Crown’s case and make sure the state discharges its onus. Igor’s approach in handling cases is to ensure that no stone is left unturned when analyzing your case.

Each case is unique and therefore requires a robust legal strategy. Our approach is to build a strategy alongside the client in order to achieve the most favourable result. It is crucial to have frequent discussions about your case in order to ensure the most favourable result as quickly as possible. Many of our clients appreciate our ability to resolve cases with minimal to no impact on their life, despite being in one of the most difficult situations of their life.