R. v. L.E

In the matter of R. v. L.E, our client faced multiple charges including two counts of sexual assault, two counts of assault, and one count of mischief under $5000. The defense conducted a meticulous cross-examination that revealed significant inconsistencies in the testimony of the complainant, raising doubts about the accuracy and reliability of their account. As a result, recognizing the weakened case against our client, the Crown withdrew the charges against our client.

R. v. S.O

R. v. S.O, involved our client, a professional physiotherapist at a reputable clinic, who was accused of inappropriate touching by the complainant, an office administrator at the same facility. Prior to the trial, the Crown introduced new evidence that the defense counsel skillfully utilized to challenge the credibility of the complainant. As the trial unfolded, it became evident that the complainant had intentionally omitted crucial details from their initial statement. Consequently, the court concluded that the Crown had failed to establish our client’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, resulting in the acquittal of S.O

R. v. P.W

In the case of R. v. P.W. our client organized a social gathering where an incident of consensual sexual activity occurred with his best friend’s girlfriend. Regrettably, driven by guilt and shame over her own infidelity, the complainant chose to report the incident as sexual assault. However, as the trial progressed, the court proceedings exposed the significant inconsistencies and lack of credibility in the complainant’s account. As a result, P.W was ultimately acquitted based on the court’s recognition of the questionable credibility of the complainant.

R. v. M.U

R. v. M.U, involved our client, a young and ambitious student on a student visa, who was falsely accused of sexual assault. Mr. Vilkhov skillfully cross-examined the complainant and effectively presented evidence that discredited her version of events. It was later revealed that the complainant had a history of fabricating allegations, further casting doubt on the veracity of her claims. As a result of the defence’s efforts, the charges against M.U were withdrawn at trial.

R v L.M

In the challenging case of R v L.M., our client, a refugee residing in Canada, was falsely accused of gang sexual assault. Our firm worked tirelessly to secure an acquittal that would allow our client to be vindicated and continue living in the country. Throughout a comprehensive five-week jury trial, crucial inconsistencies emerged, undermining the credibility of the allegations. Witness testimonies presented by the Crown were contradictory, and each witness was effectively impeached during cross-examination. In addition, DNA evidence was presented by defence with the assistance of an expert which demonstrated that our client was not a contributor to the DNA collected from the complainant. The jury reached a just verdict, acquitting L.M and granting him the opportunity to rebuild his life in Canada.

R. v. N.M

In the matter of R. v. N.M, our client, a, faced a serious charge of sexual assault. However, a meticulous examination of the evidence revealed significant doubts about the credibility of the complainant. The defence engaged in negotiations with the Crown attorney, resulting in the withdrawal of charges before the trial commenced. This outcome spared our client from enduring a lengthy trial, allowing him to pursue a future unburdened by the adverse consequences that a potential conviction would have posed.

R. v. I.S

R. v. I.S involved our client, who faced charges of sexual assault, assault, and mischief under $5000. Through thorough and meticulous questioning, Mr. Vilkhov effectively undermined the strength of the allegations, leading to a successful outcome, and acquittal. As a result, the client was able to move forward with their life without having the burden of a lengthy penitentiary sentence and the numerous consequences resulting from an unsuccessful defence.